Marlin Papoose .22: "Top Survival Rifle" by Nutnfancy
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The Marlin Papoose .22 rifle is an excellent all-around .22 rifle choice. Weighing only 3.2 lbs (!) and having the capability to break down easily into a buoyant carry case, the Papoose is extremely portable. It is lighter and more compact than most other .22s around. And unlike some other previous survival .22s, its accurate and reliable while still offering adequate firepower. Other features include a grooved receiver for scope mounting, last shot hold open, high visibility open sights, stainless steel construction, sling swivels, a decent trigger, a fiberglass polycarbonate stock, and the availability of 10 rd magazines (7 rd standard). The Marlin Papoose will function well in different roles: family .22 rifle, survival kit gun, or backpacking gun. The version shown wears a compact and lightweight Weaver 4x28 Classic Rimfire scope (#849430, which maximizes its accuracy. Its the best .22 pack rifle around.
Added on Nov 27, 2012 by gund
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