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Henry Big Boy Mare's Leg Lever Action Pistol

BigDaddyHoffman1911 showing and shooting The Henry Big Boy Mare's Leg .45 Colt Lever Action Pistol at some steel targets at The Hoffman Compound in another Stoot-A-Matic episode. Now this one is SWEET. As Always Thanks For Watching...OohRah ***If you like this video Please Like, Favorite and Subscribe*** More info below. MSRP $950.00 http://www.henryrepeating.com/rifle-mares-leg.cfm Back in the heyday of the TV Western, Steve McQueen, the star of "Wanted: Dead or Alive," rode across black-and-white screens toting a sidearm like nothing any lawman or outlaw had carried before. A cut-down, modified version of repeating rifle, this recognizable shootin' iron could be holstered like a pistol but fired with the speed of lever-action rifle. Nicknamed the Mare's Leg, this innovative weapon swiftly brought outlaws to justice every week and rose to fame as the real star of the short-lived show. Now fans of those classic Westerns and collectors of innovative firearms can holster a replica of that famous made-for-TV sidearm. Built in the USA, to Henry's world-renowned standards of quality, the Mare's Leg is available in your choice of .45 COLT or in .22 S/L/LR The Henry Mare's Leg .45 Colt is a modified variation of the Henry model H006C Big Boy .45 Colt. The Henry Mare's Leg .22 S/L/LR a modified variation of the model H001 Henry Lever Action. Like all Henry Rifles, each sports a select, handcrafted American Walnut stock cut to the exact specification of the gun used on the television series. The large loop lever, coupled with the legendary crisp Henry action, makes it easy for you to enjoy those rapid-fire repeating shots Steve McQueen used to take down the bad guys. Each is equipped with a lanyard. Both calibers are equipped with an easy-loading tubular magazine design. The .22 S/L/LR holds 10 rounds of .22 Long Rifle and the .45 Colt holds 5 rounds.The .22 S/L/LR. weighs in at an easy-to-handle 4.45 lbs. and measures 25" overall The .45 COLT model weighs 5.79 and measures 25". ***If you like this video Please Like, Favorite and Subscribe***

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Lone Wolf Distributors & Fitzen Knives together at SAR

Short interview with John Fitzen, Rocket Bombshell, JR & Luke from Lone Wolf Distributors.

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NUTNFANCY SHOT 2012: JP Enterprises' AR-15 Par Excellence

Another Gold Star SHOT 2012 vid from another passionate, expert. Meet John Paul from JP Enterprises, the engaging and well-spoken Founder and President of the company. If you want to see how perfected the AR-15 desgin can get, no holds barred, look to JP. He became a reluctant believer of the 15's accuracy and then went on to improve the design according he and his shooters' needs. With this extensive competition background and data emerges the very impressive JP Enterprises models of the gun, covered here (also produced not shown, the very smooth MR-10 bolt gun). JP guns come in our favorite calibers and everything is negotiable when you order (but might up the cost). Forget mil-spec. This is above and beyond and light years better: billet receivers, thermal dissipators, perfectly milled and tuned muzzle brakes, cryo'd 416R air-gauged SS barrels, smoothness enhancing captured action springs, offside folding charging handles, and highly tuned triggers that are reliable, precise, and quick-resetting. Yeah they're special and built like and old school Swiss watch. Rack the bolt of a JP gun like the PSC-11 and you will feel the quality and extreme attention detail. John does an outstanding job of explaining his design approach; his passion and commitment to the details comes through loud and clear. He relishes in the fact his small company doesn't answer to bean counters that would force shortcuts on basis of cost. No corners are cut here and no apologies are made for it. Of course these guns cost and they cost A LOT but lots of other great alternatives abound. A quick look on the Three Gun courses will show that many opt for the JP brand so they have a gun that "shoots like a house on fire." Quick, fast, and precise these are some of the best DI semi-autos and bolt guns in the world. We had a wonderful time visiting with another master in the industry and learning about another American firearms success story. Every industry needs a FERRARI and in the AR-15 world, it's JP.

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Springfield Armory "Operator" 1911: Going in Heavy

Yep it's big and it's heavy but sometimes thats just what the doctor ordered. The Springfield Armory "Operator" model 1911 is a superbly made, full size, full weight 1911 pistol that incorporates many desirable features. Tipping the scales at 42 ounces unloaded, it will be a brick to carry. But as pointed out in the video sometimes that weight is good, kind of like when shooting at the range competitively or perhaps for shooters who can just "connect" better with such a gun. The mass will allow this .45 ACP chambered gun to shoot more quickly and more accurately compared to lighter weight guns in the same caliber. And some tactical operators, like the US Marine Expeditionary Units (MEUs), have opted for a 1911 despite this additional weight because of its fast shooting qualities and the retained durability of the design (some of their Kimber ICQBs 1911s are reported to have over 15,000 rds a piece and still shooting). This "Operator" model includes many included 1911 modifications: forged frame, slide, and barrel, Picatinny accessory rail, flat mainspring housing, lowered and flared ejection port, loaded chamber indicator, carry bevel treatment, lightweight Delta™ hammer, ambidextrous safety, memory padded beaver tail grip safety, Tritium precision fixed sights (proprietary), and Torx head grip screws. It is indeed expensive however it represents the same quality, durability, ergonomic, and reliability standards of many custom 1911 guns costing well over $3,000. If you plan to shoot your 1911 a lot it could be money well spent. There are lots a great 1911 brands and models available today but the "Operator" should hold its own against all comers. /////////////Nutnfancy Likeability Scale: 8 of 10

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