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How to disassemble Ak 47 Soft Air Tokyo Marui and clean or fix - Part 2 - ENG SUB

UPDATE: ENGLISH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE!!!! New version of the ak 47 mount and dismount video Nuova versione del video smontare e rimontare un ak 47

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Review of Springfield Armory M1A rifle - .308 / M14

This is a review of the Springfield Armory M1A, which SA calls the MA9102. It's the standard model with the walnut stock. It should provide some useful information iif you're considering buying one, or if you are just interested in them. I tried to cover the overall aspects of the gun as best as possible, within 10 minutes. The M!A is available in many versions - different stocks, barrel lengths, and has additional sighting options. I just got this rifle, so a part two may be added later that would be a follow-up showing me shooting it at the gun range, and how it feels to actually use it. There will be many more things to add at that point. I'd recommend getting one if you can, since M1As have a great reputation, are very useful, and are a well made rifle. Buy one if you can find a model you like!! I may post some additional gun review videos as time permits. Hope you enjoy this one. Thanks for watching!

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CRKT Summa & Premonition: "McGinnis Scores" by Nutnfancy

Pending////////////////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale Summa: 9 out of 10, Premonition: 9 out of 10 (add .5 if razor sharp out of box)

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